Conservatives are heading north as their annual party conference kicks off in Manchester tomorrow. During last year’s conference in the Second City, the University of Birmingham hosted a panel on engaging young people in politics. Panel members included Jack Brereton, who is the youngest Conservative MP in the current parliament. The discussion goes beyond the “usual” ideas and topics, i.e., tuition fees and lowering the voting age to sixteen. It covers the role of the media, the language politicians (and party members) use, and the idea that the initial question is wrong. Young people, so the argument goes, are already engaged in politics today and the real problem therefore lies with (a lot of) politicians being unable to connect to them.

Anyway, this weekend is probably the best moment to re-watch this panel from the fringe of the Conservative party conference in Birmingham last year.


No reason.

Featured: “Polling station sign (London)”by thedescrier is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Posted by Tom

Een 20-something, dee sech gedanklech a physesch an der transatlantescher Welt ronderëm beweegt.

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